Anagram Maker

Make your students think about spelling structure while racing to solve your puzzle! Have them decode single words, or a whole sentence of your choosing


Anagrams Worksheets


The title for your page, will appear at the top.

Word List:

Your word list. If more words are selected than entered, they will be randomly chosen.

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Choose the size of your puzzle. The larger the puzzle, the more difficult.

Random or Identical?

Random puzzles will create a unique board for each student in your class, while Identical will create a single puzzle that you can print as many of as you need.

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How To Use

Enter A Title

Enter a title for your boards here! The title will be displayed at the top of every board. The default title for the anagram sheets is "Anagrams!"

Word Entry

Enter the words you would like placed into your paper below! Separate each word either with a comma, or by placing it on a new line and your words will be randomly jumbled and placed on the paper.


How many words would you like on each paper? Fewer words allows more space to draw at the bottom.

Identical or Random

Identical will generate one sheet, which you can print as many copies as you like for your class. Random will generate a unique page for each student , with potentially different words placed in different positions for each student. (Best for ensuring your students are finding the solutions on their own!) If you've entered more more words than the selected page size, words will be randomly chosen from the list.