Bingo Board Maker

Create a randomized, unique board for each of your students!


Create Your Bingo Board


The title for your board, will appear at the top of the page.

Word List:

The words to be placed on the board, minumum 24 words. Words can be separated by commas or separate lines. Current list: 0/24 words.

Random or Blank?

Random puzzles will create a unique board for each student in your class, while Identical will create a blank board with a word list at the bottom for your students to fill in.

Number of Students

How To Use

Enter A Title

Enter a title for your boards here! The title will be displayed at the top of every board. The default title for bingo boards is "Bingo!"

Entering Words

If you want customized boards for each student enter at least 24 words in the second box, either separated by commas or place each word on a new line. If you enter more than 24 words, all of the words you enter will be displayed at the list on the bottom of the paper, and the program will randomly select and place 24 words on each board.

Random or Blank

Random will create a board for each of your students, but the blank boards option will generate a paper with empty blocks and a full word list at the bottom, for your students to choose and place.