Crossword Puzzle Maker

Create a custom crossword based on your class' vocabulary! Create puzzles with hints and words special to your own class and students


Crossword Puzzles


The title for your page, will appear at the top.


Choose the size of your puzzle. As you change the size, the form below will increase or decrease.

Word Entry

Enter any words you would like to be printed on the lines. The font is a dotted tracable font, and any fields left blank will provide a space with only the guided writing lines.


After you've filled in your puzzle, enter the corresponding clues down here. You can click the square in the top left of each input on the form to match the clues to the start of a word.

Vertical Clues

Horizontal Clues



How To Use

Enter A Title

Enter a title for your boards here! The title will be displayed at the top of every board. The default title for the crossword puzzles is "Crossword Puzzle!"


To increase the potential size of the puzzle (subsequently decreasing the size of the boxes on your page), click the plus button. The minus button will decrement the size.

Filing In Slots

Typing a character in each square will change the background color on the form page, showing which squares will be drawn on the puzzle itself. The letters will not be included in the generated page.

Placing Numbers

To place a number in a square for its' corresponding clue, click the square in the top-left on the input. Each click will increment the number contained by one, and will reset after 9. If you want to create puzzles with even more than nine words in each direction, shoot me an email and we will make it happen! (Check the contact page)