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Create fun and educational worksheets tailored to your own lesson, or pick one of our premade themes!

Bingo Maker: Make unique bingo boards for all of the students in your class! Or print out a blank template with your word list at the bottom, and let your students get some writing practice in.

Word Search: Create a word search with your own vocabulary (or ours). Customize the size and complexity of your puzzle, to find just the right difficulty for your class.

Crossword Puzzle: Create your own crossword puzzle, as simple or complex as you like, and leave your own hints!

All these, and more to come... anagrams and math challenges to come soon, dont forget to check back!

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If you've got an app on the app store, I strongly reccomend you check it out!

Easy Grader: For teachers who spend a lot on their calculator, and especially teachers who do not have a computer to enter and track their test scores, Easy Grader is an excellent solution.

Score Grid: Probably the most useful feature of the app is the score grid, which given the total points of your test calculates all the possible scores and gives you the percentage. It completely cuts out all the time you spend hitting clear and timing in the same numbers over and over again on the calculator.

Test Tracker: For teachers who want to keep a record of all their previous tests but aren't given a computer (like myself), you can also enter your class and its' students, which will enble you to save the scores for each test you grade, for each student.

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Other Great Resources!

It can be tricky and time consuming to find other valuable resources, but they're out there, and here are some of my favorites!

Discovery Kids: Discovery Kids has a bunch of great lessons and generators as well.

Dave's ESL Job Board: Dave's whole website is a great resource for teachers abroad, or teachers looking to take their skills overseas. Dave's site offers a lot of good information about potential destinations, as well as a platform for both employers to advertise open positions, and for teachers to post their resumes for schools to see.

Other Resources!

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