Word Search Maker

Create a custom word search based on your class' vocabulary! Generate the same puzzle for each student, or go every student for themselves with a unique, randomized puzzle for each!


Create Your Word Search


The title for your board, will appear at the top of the page.

Word List:

The words to be placed on the board, if there are too many words, or a word is too long to fit it will be excluded from the puzzle and the list. Current list: 0 words.


Choose the size of your puzzle. The larger the puzzle, the more difficult.

Random or Identical?

Random puzzles will create a unique board for each student in your class, while Identical will create a single puzzle that you can print as many of as you need.

Number of Students

How To Use

Enter A Title

Enter a title for your boards here! The title will be displayed at the top of every board. The default title for the word search sheets is "Word Search!"

Word Entry

Enter the words you would like placed into your puzzle below! Separate each word either with a comma, or by placing it on a new line and your words will be randomly placed around your puzzle vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. If a word is too long to find a spot that fits or there are too many words already, it may remove that word from the puzzle and the word list.


The size is the dimensions of the puzzle. For a large word list a larger size is reccomended, which will also increase the difficulty significantly. As the puzzle scales upward in size, the letters shrink in size.

Identical or Random

Identical will generate one word search, which you can print as many copies as you like for your class. Random will generate a unique board for each student , with words placed in different positions for each student. (Best for ensuring your students are finding the solutions on their own!)