Create custom bingo boards to play in your classroom!

How to Use

Enter 24 or more words into the form, and the number of students in your class and the program will create a printout with a unique board for each student

How to Play

If you use the random option, your boards will be printed out ready to play. If you use the blank template option, students will first have to spread the words from the word list at the bottom of the page around the board. The teacher can then call out words or sounds, and let the students cross them out as they here them. 5 in a row in any direction is Bingo!

Bingo Maker

Word Search!

Create a custom sized word search with your classroom vocabulary.

How to Use

Enter a list of your classroom vocabulary, and select the size of your puzzle, and you will get a word search with your vocabulary randomly spread thoughout! If you want to discourage helping or cheating, you can choose to create a random search for each student, with all of the same words in different locations. If you enter too many words, or words that are too long to fit, a word may be excluded from both the puzzle and the word list, and you will be told of any removed words before it lets you print

Word Search


Generate anagrams for your class, with your classroom vocabulary

How to Use

Enter a list of your classroom vocabulary, and select how many words you would like placed on the paper. If you enter more words than selected. The margin at the bottom of the page will contain a box for students to draw one of the solutions if they please. The fewer words on the page, the smaller the box at the bottom will be. If you would like a unique page for each student in your class, select the random option.

Anagram Maker

Crossword Puzzle

How to Use

First, select the size of your puzzle. If you have a puzzle with a lot of words, or particularly long words, a larger puzzle size is reccomended. Enter words into the form, and their container will change color. This means an empty box will be generated in that position on the page. In the top left corner, click the box to increment the counter by one, until your box corresponds with the beginning of the word associated with that number and direction clue at the bottom.

Crossword Maker

Penmanship Practice

Create lined writing paper, with either a tracable font or empty lines for your student to practice their penmanship

How to Use

First, select the size of your paper. You can choose either 14 lines that span the width of the page, or break the area in half for a total of 28 input areas. If you leave and input forms blank on the form, they will be blank lines on the paper. Alternatively and input you type in will create a tracable font at that location.

Create Pages